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Author: Ram V. Iyer

Many people who struggle in business have an employee mindset. Our traditional upbringing, education system and society still prize the ‘steady job and paycheck’ with a well-known company. By deduction, a person with an employee mindset does not have a business owner’s mindset (mostly the opposite). Yet, many people who start businesses come from the corporate world. Not recognizing, acknowledging or changing the employee mindset while basking in the attention of being a business owner or CEO could be a ‘silent killer of success.’

Many people mistakenly believe that their MBA degree, past successes or job titles, connections, educational pedigree, and wealth from the sale of stock or family wealth will ensure their business success. But business is largely an individual sport and each day stands unto itself. Things like yesterday’s success, connections, capital, education pedigree and such are enablers, not guarantors of today’s business success. Those very ‘positive attributes’ make most of those people unwilling or unlikely to seek help to develop a ‘business mindset’ and business thinking.

Ignoring your employee mindset as a business person will not change your mindset but could likely lead to limited business success or failure.

Let me illustrate the distinction with a simple example. There are a clump of tall trees outside my window and there is a light breeze. One person may see it as a wonderful time to go for a walk, another may want to get the company to install a bench he could sit on and a third person may wonder how the trees could be monetized with sponsors or sold as firewood. Why do three people seeing the same trees have different perspectives? One perspective is not better than the other, but which one of those you most agree with speaks to your mindset.

If you choose to work in a company as an employee, you need an employee mindset. Conversely, if you want to succeed in business but have an employee mindset, you must recognize, acknowledge and change it to a business mindset to succeed in business – common sense and obvious to many but uncommon and not obvious to others. 


P.S. I realized a rather obvious thing. Most of us read articles like this but never act on it. You can only get results when you R.A.P. – read, act and practice. I hope you R.A.P. whatever you glean from this.

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