Your inbuilt wiring based on your experiences, values, rules and stories.  Your instincts were developed over your lifetime.  Each of those are based on what you heard, believe and experienced.  Each of those were developed in specific contexts, some may be enabling your business success and others impeding it.  The same is true for judgement.  If you simply act and judge based on your past, your good instincts and good judgement will help you and the bad ones will not.  Do you have good business instincts or bad ones.  Also, do you use your conscious mind to monitor your instincts and judgement before you act?  While you may need to change some beliefs, what matters is that your behavior is what is in your best interests.

Business is an Opportunity to be a Leader

Most people aspire to be followers – “Get me a well-paying (and stable) job where I will be a replaceable cog in a company”; others end up living on welfare or in retirement.  The ones who take the risk to lead society are the business people – coming up with creative solutions to the problems and needs of society, generating revenues for the companies, jobs for their com

How to Design Behavior

Until now, the explosion of methods for changing behavior has been a hodgepodge of author-centric noise. Reading all of the books, blogs, and blowhards can leave one confused by their seemingly conflicting advice. Pundits push their methods as cure-alls. For example, some argue that earning badges and leveling-up can inspire the clinically obese to become slim again. They can’t.

In General……Is it true for this …..

Human beings generalize.  It is our brain’s way of making life easier for us.  The reptilian brain and the emotional brain ‘remember’ past experiences and many things we have heard over our lifetime.  For example, you may have heard, “All tall people are successful” or “People in hoodies are dangerous”.  If you only use those gene