Do you Outsource Blame for Setbacks and Failures?

Tom Corley, author of Rich Habits Poor Habits, found from his research of rich and poor people that people with the habits of the rich (and who are often rich) seek answers to the question of why something did not work out as expected.  They do not seek to apportion blame on someone else, something else or assign it to fate.  Do you have the ‘rich habit’ of seeking answers (even if it is your

Are you doing poorly in business because of business reluctance?

Business Failure draws the attention of those around you to the fact that you failed and your trauma of failure. Many will shun you and few will offer to help you recover emotionally (or monetarily).  You are focused on your trauma as well - dealing with healing and recovering (financially and emotionally).  Your focus on the trauma also prevents you from fig

Business is an Opportunity to be a Leader

Most people aspire to be followers – “Get me a well-paying (and stable) job where I will be a replaceable cog in a company”; others end up living on welfare or in retirement.  The ones who take the risk to lead society are the business people – coming up with creative solutions to the problems and needs of society, generating revenues for the companies, jobs for their com

Survival or Achievement

Survival is a defense mindset while achievement is an offense mindset.  The first will ensure that you don’t lose ground but will not gain much ground either.  The second mindset will gain you ground but has the potential to also lose ground.  Who do you admire the most – people who live in villages in developing countries protecting their way of life or people l

In General……Is it true for this …..

Human beings generalize.  It is our brain’s way of making life easier for us.  The reptilian brain and the emotional brain ‘remember’ past experiences and many things we have heard over our lifetime.  For example, you may have heard, “All tall people are successful” or “People in hoodies are dangerous”.  If you only use those gene

Why are Language and Vocabulary Important?

Your senses provide data to your brain– smell, touch, sound, taste and sight – and the brain comes up with an interpretation ‘according to your mind’.  Your mind’s interpretation is based on your own beliefs, values, mental labels and experience.  When you express your interpretation, you are limited by your own vocabulary.  When a person hears you, they will interpret your words based on



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    While comparison can be a valuable source of motivation and growth, it can also turn into a tail-chasing frenzy of self-doubt. It is generally a fast track to unhappiness and a recipe for misery. All it does is keep you focused on what you don... more

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    Business intuition could be your edge in business - the difference between normal success and spectacular success. Some people know exactly what to do (or not do) and when. I am sure you have marveled at how they know what to do and when. They are usually among the most successful in business and in life. They have well-developed intuition in business.


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    Business people with challenges want quick symptomatic relief;... more

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    There is a reason why many people succeed ONCE and that's it - never again. Why is it so hard to succeed again and again and again? Achieving success is hard but... more

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    The Business Thinking Institute in Princeton surveyed about 300 business people including 70 millionaires to identify the reasons why some people are successful in business and others are not.  70% (or more) of businesses fail and expert advice from academics, gurus and consultants over... more