Business thinking starts with an intuitive choice of assumptions. Its progress as analysis is intertwined with intuition. The final choice is always intuitive. If that were not true, all problems of almost any kind would be solved by mathematicians with nonquantitative data.  The final choice in all business decision is, of course, intuitive. It must be. Otherwise it is not a decision, just a conclusion, a printout.

Business success factors: Your Knowledge and Skills
Job Title (What do you do now?): CEO, President, Owner, Chairman of a company, Vice President of a company, Director of a company, Manager of a company, Employee of a company, Solopreneur (working for yourself - no employees), Vendor of products (hardware, materials,...), Vendor of services (consultants, advisors, ....), Capital Provider (banks, private equity, venture capital, ....), Influencer (government, academia, media, association, union), Student, Individual (unemployed, in-transition,...)
Author: Bruce Henderson, Boston Consulting Group (1977)