What is Business Thinking - A BCG Perspective

Business thinking starts with an intuitive choice of assumptions. Its progress as analysis is intertwined with intuition. The final choice is always intuitive. If that were not true, all problems of almost any kind would be solved by mathematicians with nonquantitative data.  The final choice in all business decision is, of course, intuitive. It must be. Otherwise it is not a decision, just a conclusion, a printout.

The Manager's Cheat Sheet: 101 Common-Sense Rules for Leaders

This is for managers, from the editors of Inside CRM .  Boost your management skills by getting back to the basics — here are some common sense tips for leading an effective team.   Management is all about connecting with the people on your team. So how do you effectively manage a team? With common knowledge, of course.

How Developing Public Speaking Skills Launched Warren Buffett's $76 Billion Empire

For much of his life, Buffett struggled with a crippling fear of public speaking.  "I would throw up," he told biographer Alice Schroeder in The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life.

11 Signs That You Lack Emotional Intelligence

These are the behaviors that you want to eliminate from your repertoire.

7 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail in Business

Entrepreneurship is a way of life that offers unlimited possibilities to those who truly believe in it and live by it. But at the same time, entrepreneurship is a way of life that can totally alter the course of your life if misunderstood.

Riches Are In the Niches

When I ask business owners who their target market is, many tend to respond with “everyone”. The translation is no one.  In their zeal to acquire as many customers as possible, many business owners try to serve the widest market possible.  This is a huge mistake.

Bursting the CEO Bubble

When you’re the CEO of a large organization—or even a small one—your greatest responsibility is to recognize whether it requires a major change in direction. Indeed, no bold new course of action can be launched without your say-so.

A Woman's Perspective on Power Posing and Testosterone

For eight months in 1998 and 1999, I woke every morning in search of chimpanzee pee. That pee held the key to the chimps’ testosterone levels, and I helped to catch it. To do this, I would hike through the rainforest to the trees in which the chimpanzees had built their sleeping nests the previous evening.

Some Postures May Affect Hormones, According to Harvard Business School Study

Certain postures—like putting your hands behind your head and your feet up on a desk—could make you feel more powerful by affecting your hormones levels, according to a study by Harvard Business School Professor Amy J.C. Cuddy and her two research partners at Columbia Business School.

Why is Emotional Intelligence Important for Business Success

Emotional intelligence is ‘mind over emotions’.  A person with emotional intelligence does not react emotionally on autopilot.  A typical person acts 40%-60% of the time on auto pilot.  A person with emotional intelligence acts on autopilot much less.