The Business Thinking Radio podcast interviews experts on different factors for business success, business thinking and the 'silent killers of success'. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner seeking greater business success or an employee of a business seeking executive-level promotions, you will find this content useful.

The host of the Business Thinking Radio podcast is Ram V. Iyer, an MIT graduate, 4-time entrepreneur, F50 executive and venture capitalist who has interviewed hundreds of successful business people across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

MIND OVER BUSINESS. COMPELLING and PRACTICAL insights you can use to achieve greater business success.

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"I loved being interviewed by Ram! He asked incredibly insightful questions. As an added benefit – I learned so much from him during our discussion. Along with being a great interviewer, he is an amazing thinker!"  - Dr. Marshall GoldsmithWorld’s #1 Leadership Thinker & Executive Coach

Jay Allen

Founder & Chairman of

Jay Allen is the founder of, one of the largest networks of executives in the western U.S - over 5,000 executives and influential leaders across the US using a ‘different’ networking method with great success.  At one point, he was named, ‘The most networked man in the state of Colorado’.  His methods, developed and honed over 15 years, delivered a success rate greater than 90% for accessing and developing relationships with influential leaders.  Jay has built some...