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7 out of 10 businesses fail and the failure rate has not changed much for years.  You may have an MBA, a great idea, capital, team, technology, or good sales skills and presume business success.  Your advisors may opine and seek to sell you services to 'fix' the lack of capital, the right team, the right technology, improve sales skills, etc to ensure business success......but, the failure rate has not changed much.  Could the 'experts' be wrong?  


Business success (or failure) starts with you, the individual - it is a mind game long before you need external resources.  That is why 7 out of 10 people who get into business STILL FAIL.


Many people in business, whether employees in business roles, business owners or entrepreneurs, are doomed to failure because of they possess one or more of the 'silent killers of business success' within them or because they lack 'business thinking'. These issues 'kill' their success more frequently than lack of capital, team, technology, etc. Many people fail to achieve the level of success they seek in business because they lack a business mindset, which can be acquired and developed. If they identified, acknowledged and worked on these 'gaps', more of them can become more successful in business. 


Most people are unprepared to compete in the new world of short and temporary jobs - freelancing. The population of the world is about 7.6 Billion - that is about 23 times the population of the United States - and growing, but job creation has not grown proportionately. The rate of new business creation is not keeping up with the population growth. Additionally, with increased business efficiencies through automation and artificial intelligence, companies need fewer employees to generate the same revenues. Fewer people will have jobs with companies in the future. Most will be ‘on their own’ in the 'gig economy', as freelancers who have to constantly seek temporary and short-term work.


The education system has NOT been teaching people how to identify their value in the job market, package it, find a market for it, sell it, deliver the value, collect money and save for retirement. Much of these were done by businesses as a part of providing 'jobs'. But now, the individual has to figure it out for himself or herself and most of them do not have business thinking. Their parents did not need it and so they were not raised to develop it. Do you have business thinking for yourself as an individual? 


Business thinking is a way of constantly evaluating situations from two perspectives – how you can add value in the situation and get compensated for adding the value. Some people call it business-mindedness. If you become more business-minded, you will do more interesting work and receive greater compensation than you currently do. If you do neither, you may not find work nor get compensated.


Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner or an employee, you must constantly ask yourself how you can add value in the situation, to the other person and how you can get compensated for adding value. Without 'business thinking', you could end up as an unsuccessful entrepreneur, business person or employee. Just look around you.....7 out of 10 people fail.


Have you wondered how some people seem to see business opportunities just about everywhere they go? Yet others seem to have 'business in their blood' (or do you think they were born with business in their genes?). These people have a business mindset - a set of experiences, beliefs, rules and ways of framing situations that seem to be very relevant to being successful in business. This mindset is what I labeled a 'business mindset'. People with a business mindset are more likely to be successful in business. You too could develop a better business mindset if you eliminated some beliefs and rules while embracing new beliefs, rules and ways of framing situations. And, there are ways of doing it.


I am an MIT grad with two master degrees, including one from the MIT Sloan School. I found out the hard way that to succeed in business, you also need 'business thinking'.  I have succeeded and faced business failure and obstacles to business success.  I provide guidance from my experience and that of others I respect – (uncommon) common sense and (sometimes) obvious but always PRACTICAL. Click here to learn more about me, why I started the Business Thinking Institute and how you can benefit, whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, employee or an individual.


If your psychology is wrong (or bad) it doesn’t matter what or who you know, what titles degrees you have,  you will fail in a matter of time.  Dressing for success without business thinking is like putting lipstick on a pig; jumping on a new business success fad or listening to the 'latest business guru' is like gulping an energy drink; and failing to build your knowledge is like going through life with just a hammer (what little you know) for every task.


Many people are unsuccessful as entrepreneurs, business owners or employees seeking promotions because they fail before they have a chance to succeed, some have 'baggage' and yet others do not cross the finish line. They may have some of the 'silent killers of success'. If you have one of the 'silent killers of success', we can help you identify and manage them.


We provide a systematic framework to achieve business success – ours is methodical and adaptive – first, you must identify and eliminate or minimize the 'silent killers of business success'; secondly, you must conduct a status check (quizzes) to identify your strengths and weaknesses; thirdly, you must build the foundation (structure), build muscles (knowledge, skills) and learn to execute (make things happen) in the larger scheme of life and society.  

If you want to achieve business success FASTER,leverage this website and our various offerings - a systematic path with online content, in-person events and partner services: 


For the rest of my life, my mission is to assist more people to succeed in business – to achieve personal success, create jobs and increase the standard of living worldwide.  My goal is to reach and educate more than 1 billion people about the necessary elements of business success by 2035.  I wish I had access to this kind of information when I was a young adult.



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We recognize that different people are at different stages on their journey and have different needs.  Whether you want to just work on one aspect of a single success factor, journey the entire path to business success or just devour the original and curated content, resources and community interaction you can get, you are welcome here.  You can achieve greater business success and we will help you - every day.


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Billions of people seek business success but more than 70% of them fail.

90% failed to identify the silent killers of business success

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