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Become an Affiliate

  • Millions of companies are started in America and tens of millions are started across the world – every year.  
  • 65%-75% of all businesses fail within 10 years – higher in some countries.  
  • Every business owner thinks that he/she will be the ‘survivor’ (3 out of 4 are wrong)
  • We help members become the ones who will ‘survive and thrive’ (1 out of 4) – we have ‘been there, done that’
  • You can help people become more successful in business – and make money helping them!
  • Signing up as an affiliate is easy – just enter your name and email below – simple…


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  1. What do we sell that you can make affiliate commissions on?

We primarily sell different levels of monthly membership to help people succeed in business – a combination of online access and virtual coaching.

  1. How can you promote our services to your lists, followers and members?

Here are a few ways you can promote the range of quizzes, apps, forums and services offered by the Business Thinking Institute.

  1. Send an email to your list with the affiliate link included.
  2. Review the services we offer on your blog or in an article with teh affiliate link included.
  3. Place a banner ad on your website with the affiliate link embedded in it.
  4. Place an ad in your email newsletter wtih the affiliate link embedded in it.