Speaker & Podcast Guest - Ram Iyer

Ram V. Iyer is the President of The Business Thinking Institute.  He is an MIT graduate, a senior advisor to business leaders and a leading expert and thought leader on business success.  His varied education and experience enable him to ‘connect dots’ that few others do.  He is an insightful business thinker and problem solver to high achieving business leaders.  Through keen observation and analysis, he forms powerful insights to solve business challenges and individual success in business. 

Here are a few highlights about Ram’s background:        

  • headed business strategy and marketing for a $4.3B business at Lucent which included the Minimize Nortel Campaign (MNC) to attack Nortel’s cash cow products as a way to protect Lucent’s cash cow account.
  • identified the key reasons why most people fail or have limited success in business – reasons beyond the usual lack of capital, technology and talent – that helps employees at companies become more effective in supporting business objectives and entrepreneurs and business owners achieve greater success in business -  (www.businessthinking.com).   A survey of 320 business people including 75 millionaires validated and provided key insights for business success. These are ‘obvious’, once pointed out, and uncommon common sense.
  • conceived and started the Midmarket Institute (www.midmarket.org) which had the largest collection of content on the midmarket on the internet;
  • identified over 800 important, common and recurring challenges and needs of midsize companies by interviewing over a hundred midmarket experts and CEOs.  These provide important insights into various midmarket segments, particularly as they pertain to competing with incumbents and better-funded competitors;
  • hosts the weekly MIDMARKET RADIO show on which he interviews CEOs, thought leaders and experts from the middle market, also referred to as SMBs (small and medium businesses), SMEs (small and medium enterprises) or mid-market companies; 
  • hosts the BUSINESS THINKING RADIO podcast that covers the factors for business success, many that are routinely ignored by the pundits and the academics (https://businessthinking.com/podcasts ;
  • interviewed CEOs and business experts across the United States, Europe and Asia for the MIT alumni associations, the Midmarket Institute and the Business Thinking Institute; and,
  • has been a CEO four times.

Armed with an education in engineering and underwater robotics, he has

  • designed mobile robots for Kodak, material handling equipment for Caterpillar, airplane assembly robots for Boeing’s 777 & 757 airplanes and phone assembly robots for Lucent;
  • worked at startup, small, midsize and large companies;
  • worked in engineering, operations, marketing, strategy and chief executive roles ;
  • been a VC in Silicon Valley;
  • operated underwater robots in the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and the Arabian Sea;
  • consulted to companies to improve business processes, cash management, finance operations, strategy and marketing for a range of clients across 16 countries; and,   
  • worked at Boeing and Lucent; had DuPont, Cargill and Pfizer as clients, and started four companies. 

Ram is an MIT grad with two master degrees, including one from the MIT Sloan School.    He found out the hard way that to succeed in business, one needs 'business thinking'.  He has succeeded and faced business failures and obstacles to business success.  That prompted the founding of the Business Thinking Institute.

Ram is on a mission to help more people succeed in business – to achieve personal success, create jobs and increase the standard of living worldwide.  His goal is to reach and educate 1 billion people about the necessary elements of business success by 2040. He wishes he had access to a website like this when he was in his 20s.

Ram has been a featured speaker at MIT, Princeton University, Rutgers University Business School, CEO Clubs of America, TiE, NASSCOM, The Conference Board (TCB), SBDC, VDA (German Automobile Manufacturer’s Association), German American Chamber of Commerce, New Jersey Business & Industry Assocation (NJBIA), Princeton Chamber of Commerce, the Wisconsin Manufacturing Conference(WMEP), the Midsize Enteprise Summit (MES), the Small Business Development Centers and various Rotary Clubs. He has conducted several webinars on the midmarket for organizations such as the TCB and Progressive Business Publications.  He has been featured in Money, Fortune, CFO Magazine and several other publications.  He has written over a hundred articles in various publications and websites and interviewed hundreds of business leaders across the US, Europe and Asia. Ram's speaker website is at https://www.ramviyer.com where you will also find a list of his keynote speeches.

He has traveled to about 35 countries and 48 American states.  He is the former President of the MIT Club of Princeton and the worldwide MIT South Asian Alumni Association.


Speaker & Podcast Guest - Ram Iyer
Speaker & Podcast Guest - Ram Iyer