Trust Your Gut is about how to reach your real potential by being yourself and being at your best, at the same time. The book presents a simple yet highly effective formula for getting to the next level in your career along with field-tested strategies forgetting past the common barriers to greater success and self- fulfillment. This book is not a collection of hopeful theories and platitudes. Rather, it is the distillation of twenty-five years of experience coaching thousands of people on how to decide what they really want to accomplish and then developing a game plan on how to get it.

The key ingredient is to trust your intuitive instincts or “trust your gut,” and then take action. You will either get the result you are after or a lesson required to get the result. With the right perspective, you win no matter what happens.

More good news, when you let go of the need to control every little detail and instead believe in your intuition’s ability to be in the right place at the right time, or say the right thing at the right time, your life quickly trans forms from a predictable routine to a fascinating adventure.

Most intriguing, every time you trust and act on your intuition, you get a rush of energy along with a wonderful sense of being alive. These and many more great things come from one simple awareness, to trust your gut!


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