In this article we conclude our “best of” list for high performance and productivity. Combined, this two-part series of articles can be thought of as a blueprint for how high performance people think and work.  I’ve always believed and personally experienced that success is learnable and predictable – meaning that if I consistently do the things that other successful people do, I’ll usually get the same successful results they do.

Business success factors: Your Ability to Make Things Happen
Job Title (What do you do now?): CEO, President, Owner, Chairman of a company Vice President of a company Director of a company Manager of a company Employee of a company Solopreneur (working for yourself - no employees) Vendor of products (hardware, materials,...) Vendor of services (consultants, advisors, ....) Capital Provider (banks, private equity, venture capital, ....) Influencer (government, academia, media, association, union) Student Individual (unemployed, in-transition,...)
Author: Allan Dib