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Most people are familiar with the concept of “being in the zone” in sports or when doing something complicated know about intuition. It is a human ability to transcend the steps of linear logic and the analytical ego to become one with your higher intelligence. In this state you are guided to do things in a way that you would never have considered in the analytical state. This is the state of mind that Einstein is ultimately referring to as intuition. It’s where all the big breakthroughs come from.

The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

- Albert Einstein

Here are some things people experience when they listen to their intuition: “being on a roll,” “being in the zone,” being in the right place at the right time, saying the right thing at the right time, more love, more peace, more abundance, more self-confidence, the ability to make better decisions, and more miracles!


It is important to say that the intuitive approach to decision making does not take away from the analytical conventional wisdom. It adds an addition tool that will increase the odds of success in our favor.


There is a logical explanation for why intuition is such a powerful source for making better decisions. There is a way to teach people how to put more trust in their intuitive instincts. It takes an open mind and a willingness to experiment with more advanced ways of thinking and being. We were all intuitive as kids and we’ve been socialized to be more analytical by our academic training and ultimately much of the business world.


The biggest reason we do not honor intuition is our academic obsession with the need for observable, provable logic. The source of this obsession is the ego which has been around for thousands of years and considers making decisions based on hunches from unknown sources to be pure folly.


Of course, not all of academia ignores intuition. I have an article from Harvard Business School which states that the more complicated the decision, the more you should include intuition because of the propensity for the intellect (analytical mind) to make mistakes due to its narrow focus. I like to make the analogy that the analytical mind is a magnifying glass, and intuition is like having a version of Google Maps just for your particular problem or challenge. One approach is not better than the other, but they are very different, and you need both to make the best possible decisions.


Over the past thirty-eight years, I have successfully coached over three thousand advisors to take an intuitive approach toward their business and in working with their clients. In the process, I have helped create many of the biggest producing advisors in the world.


The intuitive process that I teach works for any decision-making process. Your intuitive capacity is far bigger than any set of details from any situation. Or, regardless of the amount of information involved, your intuition is a heat-seeking missile designed to find the best possible directives, all things considered.


I was coaching Fortune 500 executives by the time I was 28. I wrote my first book entitled Trust Your Gut at age 37. My whole adult career has been dedicated to innovation and creativity. However, today I would describe my main motivation as evolution. I know in my heart that we have far more potential and power to create than we ever imagined. And contrary to the ego’s suspect advice that it would take years to discover these hidden skills, the reality is they are sitting there in plain sight waiting for people to see them and use them. The training that is required is to teach business leaders how to become aware of what is there for the taking is available right here, right now! It is actually the ego that is obsessed with keeping us in the dark and it is brilliant at it.


My focus now is on helping business owners and business executives who are ready and willing to develop an intuitive edge. Intuition is the most powerful competitive edge there is. As we make more people successful in business, we raise the standard of living for more people around the world. 

- Sidney Walker


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