Tanu Javeri

Immigrant & SEO Strategist, IBM

Tanu Javeri - Insights from an immigrant on how to succeed in a new country

Insights from an immigrant on how to succeed in a new country

Immigrant Professionals Series - Tanu Javeri is an award winning experienced Digital marketer developing transformational business strategy for a digital world. An 18-year digital marketing veteran, with in-depth knowledge in SEO and paid search, different marketing technology platforms and experience with Fortune 100 companies. She currently works at IBM as a Senior Global SEO Strategist.

Tanu has authored many articles and spoken at several university and public forums. She is a member of the board of AWAKE, a non-profit working on empowering more women.

Listen to Tanu's story - a hop, skip and a jump - from India via Keyna to the United States - and hear her approach to succeeding in a new land, particularly her YES method.


P.S. I realized a rather obvious thing. Most of us listen to podcasts like this but never take action. You can only learn and get better results from the insights when you L.P.T. – listen, practice and tell/teach others, whether they are colleagues, friends or family. I hope you L.P.T., whatever you glean from this.

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