I am pleased to invite you to the pilot group to learn about the mindset of successful immigrant professionals and how you can embrace it and become more successful. The group coaching sessions are based on my upcoming book – THE IMMIGRANT MINDSET – with my co-author Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.


"Achieve your greatness, with the immigrant professional's mindset."

Immigrant professionals are some of the most successful people in the world – Albert Einstein, Alexander Hamilton, Henry Ford, Sergey Brin(Google), Ayn Rand, Elon Musk, Satya Nadella (Microsoft), George Soros, Rupert Murdoch, Ariana Huffington, Elie Wiesel and many others. Every one of us can achieve greater success by embracing elements of their mindset.

Whether you are an immigrant, in-country migrant (person who moved from one part of the country to another) or a local, you too can pick up elements of the successful immigrant professional’s mindset and achieve greater success. Whether you are an employee in a business, a business owner, an entrepreneur or a community leader, you too can pick up the mindset of the successful immigrant professional and achieve greater success – see differently, believe different, think differently achieve greater success.

If you are open-minded and embrace elements of the immigrant professional’s mindset, in six weeks you can develop a better mindset and an increased ability to become more successful.

I am laser-focused on educating you and sharing my experiences - and that of the many immigrant professionals I have spoken to - from emigrating, succeeding and failing and succeeding again. I am committed to moving you to action as your success is my success.




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This six-week program will be priced at $3000 per person after the book is released. For those qualified in this introductory offer, it is being offered at a 50% discount. 

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I am interested in working with you if you are commited to your personal growth and will do the required reading and exercises, and make the changes. I am seriously interested in enabling you to achieve greater success.