Survival is a defense mindset while achievement is an offense mindset.  The first will ensure that you don’t lose ground but will not gain much ground either.  The second mindset will gain you ground but has the potential to also lose ground.  Who do you admire the most – people who live in villages in developing countries protecting their way of life or people l

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on 13 Mar 2017 9:54 AM

It amazes me how some people just have a knack for getting things done – they have an amazing bias for action. While others are still compiling a pros and cons list, they’ve already finished or are well on their way to finishing the task at hand.  A wise man once said – you’ll always accomplish more through movement than through meditation.  So what’s the difference between these radically different groups of people? What’s the difference between those who just talk the talk and those who walk the walk?

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on 09 Mar 2017 8:50 AM
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